Bakersfield Airplane Radio Control Society

When you join BARKS you will be given access to our amazing field for you and your friends to enjoy.  Friends are welcome but there is a small fee involved for non members who wish to fly as long as they are accompanied by a BARKS member and have a current, active, AMA membership.

Bakersfield's Oldest Model Airplane Club

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BARKS fly field A.K.A. "The Willow" is the offical home to

Visit our friends over at Greenfield Flyers RC club.

Another local RC club helping keep the hobby alive!

    We meet quarterly beginning January 2018 at the Buttonwillow Fly Field.  Meetings Start at 9:00am but join us earlier for flying fun!  If you don't know where the fly field is located you can click "Location" at the top of the page and it will give you directions.



BARKS is an official AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) club which means an AMA membership is required to fly at our field with no exceptions.  If you are not currently an AMA member you can register on thier website.  Just click the link to the right of the slide show above and follow the instructions to join.

​(BARKS AMA Charter #: 115)

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    We are dedicated to brining R.C. aviation enthusiasts together here locally and from around the world.   We have the privilege of flying off of a very large runway on the outskirts of Buttonwillow, CA.  Our runway measures 3,260ft long x 50ft wide (994 m long by 15 m wide)!  This means everything from Ultra Macro planes to turbine powered jets can be flown here with ease.   We have a great group of guys that help keep the field clean and accessible so we can continue to enjoy flying here.  RC aviation runs in our blood and we would love to have you join us for flying and or chatting it up at the field.  This field is accessible only by members or friends/family joining a member at the field.  If you decide to join BARKS you will be given access as well but make sure you check out the fly days, field rules, and AMA rules of flying.  Happy Landings everyone!

BARKS YouTube is now live!